12 PT 400 LA MB

As the LA in the name suggests, this transducer is especially designed for Line Arrays and can also be used as a Mid Bass Transducer. It plays fairly well upto 4500 Hz and covers all the essential frequencies expected out of a mid bass transducer. Suitable for Bass Reflex / Ported Enclosure.

Key Features
Program Power 800 W
Voice Coil 76.2 mm (3 in)
Response 68-4500 Hz
Sensitivity 1W/1M 98 dB


Nominal Diameter 314 mm
Nominal Impedance
Nominal Power Handling(AES) 400w
Program Power 800w
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 98 dB
Frequency Range 68-4500 Hz
Magnet Material GLASS FIBRE
Voice Coil Diameter 76.2 mm ( 3 in)
Winding Material CCAW
Former Material GLASS FIBRE
Winding Type In/Out


Resonant Frequency FS 68 Hz
DC Resistance Re 5.3 Ω
Electrical Q Qes 0.41
Mechanical Q Qms 4.68
Total Q Qts 0.38
Compliance Equivalent Volume vas 48 Ltrs
Peak Diaphragm Displacement Volume Vd 0.17 Ltrs
Effective Surface Area of Cone Sd 551.5 cm^2
Reference Efficiency ƞo 3.51%
Moving Mass including air load Mms 48.86 gms
Motor Strength Bl 16.43 T-m
Voice Coil Inductance @ 1 KHz Le 0.99 mH
Efficiency Bandwith Product EBP 166 Hz
Voice Coil Overhang Xmax 48.86 gms

Mounting Info

Overall Diameter 314 mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 296 mm
Baffle Cutout Diameter 282 mm
Depth 137 mm
Flange and Gasket Thickness 15 mm
Gross Weight 7.9 Kg.

Recone Kit

Recone Kit Number REC12PT400LAMB
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