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Established in the year 1982. Sweton is one of the pioneer brand of India recognized as the market leader in Eastern India.

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Why SWETON Speaker instead of Chinese

Consistency in quality. Long Life. Consistency doubtful. Limited life.
Only best quality of raw materials used. No guarantee of quality of raw materials.
Regular supply available. No such guarantee of regular supply.
Normally NO price fluctuation due to change in foreign exchange rate. High risk of Price fluctuation due to change in exchange rate of US $.
RE-Con Kit available. Re-Con Kit not available easily.
Over 38 years of experience in quality manufacturing. Very difficult to find such reliable supplier.
Make in India - Manufactured in Kolkata. Creates Employment and wealth in our own Country. Imported from China. NO EMPLOYEMENT Created in India. Employment created in China.
Make in India - To suit the taste and requirement of Indian market. Performs well under Extreme condition. No experience of Indian taste. Not suitable for extreme condition.
Make in India - Proud of Our Origin. We believe in our Quality. Make false claim like - Designed in Italy , U.S. or England.Because they know that their quality is inferior.
Any customisation in design & quality can be made quickly. It takes atleast 3 months to make any changes.

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Among the very few Indian Brands

SWETON – Among the very few Indian Brands having an in-house product range of more than forty varieties of precision transducers for Professional sound industries. Also, more than forty varieties of transduces for Home Series. Probably, the only manufacturer in India cater to both Pro and Home series.